HUMNN Design


Making shift happen

From a tangible vision within 12 weeks via our Transformaking™ method to augmented teams containing the hot skills that deliver change when you need it. Our core believe is to make shift happen in organizations.



A practical method for tangible transformation
Making your vision tangible and sharable from top down and engaging your organization from the bottom up and empowers your employees to be changemakers
How it works
Augmented Teams

Augmented Teams

Have the right fit in your hands as an interim solution.
In today’s fast-paced, connected world, more and more business-critical projects are technology based and need the right solution.
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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

Challenges tackled by the right specialist
Every designer has it’s own core believe and approach and therefore becomes its own design specialist. Learn and build with them new eco-systems that work for the end-user.
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We Believe, Human Centered Design has the power to transform organizations successfully. In everything we do, we take the human perspective: to change, to data, to technology; we design a business transformation around people and culture.