HUMNN Design

Our Company

A world where positive impact is the primary product of every organization.

A future where organizations add value to everyday lives by creating new experience layers for people — from customers to employees to stakeholders — while reducing damage to the planet.

We call these organizations Augmented Organizations. Extending their purpose to improving lives. Expanding the limits of what brands can be. Transforming themselves to put human needs first. Leading the 2020 transition decade.

The reason we get out of bed

Our purpose is to make shift happen.

Not just any old shift. We exist to design and implement sustainable organizational transformation. By making it purposeful, personal, tangible and tenable. By putting people’s experiences first.

This is why we are HUMИN. A transformation by design consultancy that bridges strategy and execution and puts people front and centre to create change that sticks.

The Industries

Unleashing a small group to create an ever changing impact

Over the last decade we’ve been working in different fields fulfilling different roles. Throughout this period we’ve adapted our methodology in different industries.

Our founding partners

Our team of field experts who live, breathe and sleep our vision and values

Klaas Jan Witvoet

Klaas Jan Witvoet

  • Co-founder of MakerStreet
  • HUMNN specialisations: Project Management, Management Consultancy, Business Development, Capital venture

Gijs Oostendorp

Gijs Oostendorp

  • Former lead of Fjord (Amsterdam based satellite) part of Accenture Interactive
  • HUMNN specialisations: Business Design, Service Design, Creative Strategy

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We Believe, Human Centered Design has the power to transform organizations successfully. In everything we do, we take the human perspective: to change, to data, to technology; we design a business transformation around people and culture.